Graffiti, a form of modern expression

485965_584424618237057_452822626_nAt its birth , graffiti was still only letters and numbers  » scribbled  » by fans of hip- hop, art brut who had a very bad reputation . With hip- hop , the phenomenon is spreading in large cities where young people like to rub forces.

Years later , graffiti continue to decorate the popular areas but become increasingly sophisticated, mto.

Now considered  » street art  » graffiti art knows an incredible evolution , either in style at the level of the images they represent. Complex , exuberant but mostly awesome , graffiti or murals are now a street art reveals a culture, a utopia and a message.

To unlock the secrets of street art, Streetart – invites you to visit his website . You will find various artists that populate the world of street art and their works.

Completely styles , they convey the most famous message  » anti- system ». Walls, columns and floors , all types of media suitable for them as long as it is visible to passersby.

And it is precisely the goal of all graffiti, visible to all . If the corner of a street, you come across a gigantic fresco and it manages to touch you , then the graffiti has managed its objective. For those who are interested , Streetart -map was made ​​available to all , the plan showing the location of the works of graffiti artists worldwide.