Value Bingo Weekends return to Maria Bingo

Maria Bingo never misses out on an opportunity to surprises members and prospective customers alike.

This time it has a special proposition to make and it will appeal to those who have a day job or prefer to play over the weekend for other reasons.

It all starts this Friday so if you don’t have plans for the upcoming three days you should know that there is a total of €250,000 up for grabs.


The money is going to be divided to successful players over the course of three days and the first of €100,000 will be awarded today. The same amount will go towards lucky players on Saturday and the remaining money will be split among the winners of Sunday. It all starts at 6 PM GMT and the €2,500 Bingo Linx game was chosen to get this party started, followed by other games, such as Roll On Bingo prizes, BOGOF and Last Chance Saloon.

Diversity is ensured and the fact that so many tournaments were included makes it unlikely for players to get bored with this competition.

1 and 2 To Go will make players rich even if they miss one or two numbers on their gaming ticket, an unprecedented approach for bingo players.

BOGOF is actually an acronym and it stands for buy one get one free, so for every ticket that one purchases players will collect an extra one without paying a dime.


Roll-On Bingo has the particularity of the game continuing after a full house is made, with new opportunities to get rich. There are extra full house prizes so if you are not the first one to call bingo, don’t throw away your ticket because you might have not one but several other chances. Last Chance Saloon is also supposed to present players with another chance to win and in this case they will collect a free scratch card which has the potential of unlocking a prize of €10.

The profits are paid in bingo bonus funds and they are subject wagering requirements but even so it is better than to go home empty-handed.

The purpose is to keep recreational players happy without ignoring the needs of highrollers and the money will be divided among all participants.

The Promo mix of feature games in conjunction with the added prized pot should turn Maria Bingo into the hotspot of the weekend.